Karen Stefonick
Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Karen's designs are fresh and innovative using a less is more mantra. Designing both the interior and exterior has been a natural progression for Karen as her design philosophy is based on an 'inside-out' approach; linking the look and feel of the interior and exterior to create a consistent and flowing look - from the front gate to the front room. Marrying her interior and exterior design knowledge, she has come full circle in her designs and talent, always striving to look at new and innovative ways of designing. Karen is one of the few designers that does both.

Karen does not take a 'cookie cutter' approach. Every project she does is unique to the home owner's sense of style and their requirements for use; no two are alike. "You must take into consideration the uniqueness of a space, second only to the functionality of how you are going to use it."

Karen believes taking a less is more approach within this process produces simplicity and cohesiveness; "It's not how much you put in, but what you put in that makes a great design".

"True beauty in art is born out of simplicity." - Karen Stefonick
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