Passage Under The Sun
The international Gardening World Cup garden design competition in Nagasaki, Japan held at the Huis Ten Bosch Royal Palace hosts international designers from all over the world, with 100,000 visitors attending this annual competition. Along with showcasing her design she gave several lectures on her design philosophy and her garden elements.

Her ‘less is more’ design philosophy, clean lines and dramatic water features were greatly appreciated by the Japanese public. Her strong use of architectural plantings and colors gave her garden visual interest from every perspective. This garden would work well as part of a residence or commercial space.

Karen stated that working with the other designers from around the world was a real treat. “They were so pleasant, companionable and encouraging. Along with my medal I am taking home new friendships as well.” When asked if she would consider returning, she stated that it would be an honor.
Awards | Silver Medal

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